Welcome to Frits Habermann, 4th Dan Aikikai, as Seattle School of Aikido's new Chief Instructor of Adult Aikido!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce and welcome Frits to our community.  Habermann Sensei considers Christian Tissier, Jan Nevelius, and Frank Ostoff to be strong influences in his current Aikido practice, which emphasizes deep connection between Tori and Uke.

I've enjoyed training on rare occasions with Frits through the past few years, and am very pleased that he is able to be a big part of our community.  I'm excited to begin training with him regularly!

Special Class with Frits Habermann, 4th Dan Aikikai, Monday March 5, 2012, 6pm-715pm


sorry for the late notice, but please join us for a special night of training on this monday night as we host frits habermann, 4th dan, to teach a class for us.
frits has been teaching and training in the seattle aikido community for over 20 years.
cost for seattle school of aikido dojo members is free, and non-members will only be asked for our standard mat fee of $15.
tell your friends, all levels welcome, hope to see you on the mat!

Happy New Year! Reminder, no Friday 6pm class until further notice.

Happy training to all this new year.

There will be no Friday 6pm class until further notice.

Adult Beginner's Aikido class will now be on Monday and Thursday nights starting at 6pm.


Save the Date: Saturday, December 3, 5pm - 730pm, Promotions Testing followed by an All-Dojo Potluck and Year End Review

All Dojo members, friends, and family are welcome.  Children are especially invited and encouraged to attend.

The night will start with a brief 30 minute class to review and warm-up, then promotions testing will begin.  We should be done with all tests by 615pm, and then the potluck will begin on the mat.  Please remember that we have *PEANUT ALLERGIC* members, so no peanut products please.

New two month Sunday class at SSA! An introduction to Aiki-budo. Begins 10/9/2011

Intent:  This course is designed to introduce a prospective student to the basic characteristics of Icho Ryu Aiki-Budo training and prepare them to enter traditional class much better prepared than they would otherwise.  Secondarily, it is intended as a way to offer a different view of “Aiki” than is seen in other arts and study groups.  While there are many similarities with other arts and practices, it is our belief that the training and environment of Icho-Ryu is unique.  It is our hope that offering a different but similar perspective will help clarify the home art of any student who attends this series.  This series is not meant as indoctrination into Icho-Ryu and does not require any further commitment on behalf of those attending.  We have found great moments of insight into our own art(s) by travelling outside of our own dojo and training with other generous teachers.  It is our hope that this course could offer that same experience to other students.

Audience: Any interested student.  The specifics and nature of class will depend greatly on the skills and experience of those students in attendance, but we are confident in the general content and potential benefit of this course regardless of background or experience.

Save the Date: Monday, 10/24/11, 630pm-800pm, Special Aikido Class with Jan Nevelius, 6th Dan Aikikai, Sweden

We are pleased to announce that Jan Nevelius, 6th Dan Aikikai, Swedish Aikido Federation, will be teaching a special class at the Seattle School of Aikido.  All levels are welcome, Fee is $30, but beginners currently enrolled in our beginners' series for October are free.


For more information about Jan:  (if you can read/translate swedish)


Hope to see you all on the mat!

- John


edit:  time correction 630pm-8pm.

Belt Promotions Testing Friday, July 8. 6pm class starts (to warm up), 630pm testing begins. Potluck afterwards!

Hope to see you all tomorrow night!

No Sunday morning classes until further notice

Well time has flown by this year for me, i can't believe it's already summer.  There are a lot of vacations planned for a lot of folks this summer, hopefully we can all still be available to train!

There will unfortunately be no Sunday morning classes until further notice.  We (the instructors) are working out the details of our life schedules, and will hopefully be able to offer that class again as soon as possible.

There are still adult Aikido classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Thanks for your patience,

- John 

No Class Sunday 9am, June 19, Father's Day.

Take the day off and spoil that Dad of yours...



Belt Promotions Testing Friday, July 8. 6pm class starts (to warm up), 630pm testing begins. Potluck afterwards!

Please come show your support for your fellow students!

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