Nat McCully

Nat McCully has been training in Japanese martial arts since middle school. In 1988 he travelled to Japan for a year of study abroad in Tokyo, and practiced in the Karate-bu of Waseda University. Nat attended the first International Budo Seminar held by the Budokan as part of his studies. Introduced to Aikido by a fellow Waseda student at the end of his stay in 1989, Nat met Kenji Shimizu, Founder of the Tendokan and of Tendoryu Aikido. Nat was taken by the powerful, flowing movements and joyful practice atmosphere, and vowed one day to come back to Japan and practice at the Tendokan dojo.

After 9 years of training in Shotokan Karate, Nat made the switch to Aikido practice and trained under Frank Doran (7th dan, Aikikai) in California before moving to Seattle in late 1998. He joined Two Cranes Aikido in 2000.

During the next few years, Nat was fortunate to meet other great Aikido masters when they visited the U.S. or when Nat regularly travelled to Japan: Motomichi Anno (8th dan, Aikikai), Yoshinobu Takeda (8th dan, Aikikai), and Seishiro Endo (8th dan, Aikikai).

In 2008, Nat relocated to Tokyo and he was fortunate while living in Japan to train with these teachers directly. It was at this time that Nat became a regular member of the Tendokan dojo (finally fulfilling his dream of 20 years before).

In 2011, Nat moved back to Seattle having earned a 2nd dan from Kenji Shimizu. In 2015 he received an official teaching license from the Tendo World Aikido organization, a non-profit world body dedicated to supporting students and dojos of Tendoryu Aikido.