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The Seattle School of Aikido is a cooperative non-profit home for those who seek to sincerely study traditional and contemporary Asian martial arts.  Our core principles are mutual respect, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

We are also host to Shinto Ryu, a Japanese sword art, Icho Ryu Aikibudo and our increasingly popular Budo Tanren body skills class.

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Why choose Seattle School of Aikido?

Simply put, our instructors bring decades of experience to the table. We have instructors from varying backgrounds, with diverse teaching styles and multiple approaches to teaching Aikido, giving our students a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. Ultimately our goal is for each student to develop their own personal understanding and style.

In learning Aikido, expect to sweat, think, be frustrated at times, and learn to laugh at your own mistakes as you progress. For any martial art, you learn by making mistakes and letting go of your preconceptions as part of the process.

Shinto Ryu

Shinto Ryu is a form of Japanese swordsmanship and Japanese cultural arts. Shinto Ryu training is via traditional sets of patterned movements called kata. Precision during the kata is stressed through tameshigiri (target cutting with live blades). In addition to the more formal solo portion of the curriculum, we also use various drills, paired forms of the kata and some jo kata (wooden staff) to further our understanding of the sword.

Seattle School of Aikido is the hombu dojo of Shinto Ryu Iai-battojutsu USA.

Icho Ryu

Icho Ryu is the creation of Bernie Lau and focuses on tactics and techniques applicable to law enforcement and civilian self-defense. Icho Ryu is a fusion of Lau’s training in Aikido and other martial art influences, as well as his practical experiences as a uniformed patrol officer, undercover narcotics and vice detective.

Seattle School of Aikido is the hombu dojo of Icho Ryu.


Budo Tanren

Budo Tanren is not a martial art in its own right, but a focus on body transformation for martial development. While this could be described as “internal practice,” we prefer the term “body skills” to emphasize that these skills are real, are demonstrable, and can be learned by anyone. Elements of judo, aikido, and aikijujutsu serve as platforms to explore how Budo Tanren foundational skills may be incorporated into our various arts.