Excited for Matti this thursday

i just got back from 6 days on decatur island in the san juan islands.  i’ve got 3 days of grim reality facing me at work this week before i’m able to get back on the mat and train aikido again.

i can’t wait to the experience again the simplicity and precision of matti’s movement.  he has a degree of humility not often found in 6th dan around the world, which is a nice breath of fresh air as well.  he’s finnish, trains/runs a dojo in austria, speaks fluent english (and probably 4+ languages including japanese), and we get to see him first hand here in seattle.  how cool is that?

“Connect, then take down, that’s all there is in aikido, there is nothing else” – paraphrasing Matti Joensuu, 6th dan aikido.

i simply can’t wait…

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