Glitch and To Do List

Here’s a running list of the things I’m working on…you can add to the list via the comments.

Date Issue Resolved
12/6/10 Calendar week view incorrect; Next button not working – Calendar module fix
10/23/10 Build CiviCRM membership database
10/23/10 Add membership transactions from October 2010
8/23/10 Calendar week view defaults to previous week – – workaround 8/25/10
8/10/10 Update Privacy and Use page
8/10/10 Add dues pages with updates
8/10/10 Test live contact module, Board and Contact Us pages
8/18/10 Paypal dues and donation processing – need account info
8/18/10 Amazon click thru – need account info
8/24/10 Contact Us – email spam protection, add IR, SR