Same, but…

Yup, it’s different isn’t it?  We’ve totally redesigned the SSA website to take advantage of new technology to better serve our dojo community.  This is the main communication portal to the dojo’s activities, so we hope to encourage everyone to participate and contribute to our online community.

So what’s new?  Everything!  We’re using a platform which is easier to maintain and can access new features as they become available.  Best part?  Everyone gets to participate!  The Board and the design team helped in the development phase with their articles and comments.

Where to start?  Just start clicking.  Once we get the new website up and stabilized, all dojo members will get an email with your user name and password.  Then you can log in and check out some of the cool members only stuff like:

  • Blogs – Weblogs for your personal thoughts.  Every member gets their own blog.  I used mine to keep the Board up to date as the website was being developed.  You’ll see examples as the community grows.
  • Comments – this is not a static website.  Add your thoughts to published articles for example.
  • Author your own stories – write and post stories.  For example, we’re hoping to preserve some of the oldtimers’ adventures before we lose them.  We KNOW some of you can write because we’ve gotten some damn funny emails from you over the years.
  • Membership list, maps, weather, RSS feeds, calendars, add pictures…lots of good stuff.
  • Explore – you can’t break it.  If you do, well you just might find your name next to the Webmaster title.
  • and there’s more coming!

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