All Dojo Meeting coming up on Saturday April 30th…stay tuned for further details!

We are attempting to schedule regular All Dojo meetings on the last Saturday of January, April, July, and October.

Meetings will include earlier start times to be more family friendly, potluck format, new introductions for new members, dojo discussion and feedback, board announcements, introduction to “dojo movie night”, and much much more!

Hope to see you all there,

– John

Similar Soundingness

Budo : martial arts.  the code on which martial arts are all based.

Origin: Japanese budō, from bu ‘military’ + ‘way’

Butoh : a style of Japanese modern dance

Origin: Japanese literally “to dance”

From Oxford Dictionaries

These two words sound similar to me, and I think that they have similar foundations. Dance (to my mind) expresses a natural energy flow within the dancer.  The code which martial arts sits upon (to my mind) expresses itself as a natural energy flow within the martial artist.  The similar soundingness seems to say so much more, something like “pay attention to your own natural energy flows and express them”.

Wednesday Night Classes!

After consulting with more members of the dojo, it’s come to the conclusion that is is better to hold off on starting Wednesday night classes to coincide with the start of the next beginners series. Sorry for the short notice. I hope everyone understands the decision and we hope to have members of Aikido, Icho ryu, and new students taking part.  So, speaking for all of us in Icho Ryu, we hope to see old and new faces on the mat.