New two month Sunday class at SSA! An introduction to Aiki-budo. Begins 10/9/2011

Intent:  This course is designed to introduce a prospective student to the basic characteristics of Icho Ryu Aiki-Budo training and prepare them to enter traditional class much better prepared than they would otherwise.  Secondarily, it is intended as a way to offer a different view of “Aiki” than is seen in other arts and study groups.  While there are many similarities with other arts and practices, it is our belief that the training and environment of Icho-Ryu is unique.  It is our hope that offering a different but similar perspective will help clarify the home art of any student who attends this series.  This series is not meant as indoctrination into Icho-Ryu and does not require any further commitment on behalf of those attending.  We have found great moments of insight into our own art(s) by travelling outside of our own dojo and training with other generous teachers.  It is our hope that this course could offer that same experience to other students.

Audience: Any interested student.  The specifics and nature of class will depend greatly on the skills and experience of those students in attendance, but we are confident in the general content and potential benefit of this course regardless of background or experience.

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Class Format:  Class will run approximately two hours and will generally have the following format:

  • Welcome and bow-in
  • Bodyskill development (t-shirts and gi-pants/shorts)
    • solo drills
    • walking drills
    • partner drills
  • Short water break
  • Taijutsu (dogi, no hakama)
    • ukemi: rolls and falls
    • judo/jujutsu/aikijujutsu
    • freestyle practice/exercises
  • Open discussion and bow out.

Cost:  Free to current members of Seattle School of Aikido, $80 for the eight week course for non-members.

When: Classes are Sunday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM beginning October 9th and running through November 27th.  Since this course is intended as a sequential series, participants are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible.

Instructors: This course will be taught by senior students of Icho Ryu Seattle.

For more information contact Chris Moses ( or Jeremy Hulley (

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