No *Adult* Aikido class Wednesday, May 2nd

The Wednesday night teachers are taking a well-deserved night off in preparation for Frits Habermann’s first official class as a member of SSA on Monday, May 7 at 6:30 pm.

A big thanks to the Icho Ryu guys – Geoff Ng, Mike Sato, Fritz Belford and Steve Sakahara – who filled in on Wednesday nights. Although each brought his own unique teaching style, they were united in encouraging individuals to get a little better every class and to learn how to become a better student.

Welcome Frits!  And we’ll see everyone at his Monday and Wednesday night classes!Unknown Object

Thank you!

A big thank you to one of our students who made a generous donation to the dojo that was matched by the Microsoft Corporation.

A number of businesses in our area participate in corporate matching programs to nonprofit organizations like SSA.  If you’re considering making a donation to SSA, a quick inquiry to your human resources department will let you know if your company has a matching fund program.

Student dues are our main source of income to cover our ongoing expenses like rent, utilities, insurance and property taxes.  All of our other services are provided by volunteers who generously donate their time and skills to teach, maintain the facilities, serve on the board, provide financial services or support our online presence.  In addition, we have several projects in various planning stages to update the dojo.  These projects will take time and money, and any support from the community is welcome!

Congratulations John Peng!

John PengCongratulations to John Peng, SSA’s Board President, who was awarded the rank of nidan (2nd degree black belt) this weekend.

On Saturday, April 14, John tested in front of Seishiro Endo Shihan, 8th Dan, Hombu Dojo, Japan at the Health Center at Seattle Community College. In a sweltering hot room, John demonstrated his ability to handle the testing stress of concentrated attacks by single and multiple attackers over an extended period of time.

Earning the rank of nidan in any martial art is a significant achievement. It represents years of physical, mental and emotional training.

Well done, well earned.

SSA Shinto Ryu Demo

Chris Moses performing a rising cut from seiza.

This is a frame cut from a video taken during the SSA Demo Day.

The link takes you directly to the cut sequence, but you can view the entire Shinto Ryu demonstration.

Icho Ryu Introductory Series May 1st 2012

Icho Ryu will begin an introductory course to Icho Ryu on May 1st.  This 2 month course is intended to introduce students to the basic skills and physical conditioning needed for martial arts.  Classes will be every Tuesday for 2 months, class time is 6:15-7:30.  Students who are interested in Icho Ryu must attend this class and demonstrate they have developed an understanding of the skills taught to the instructor’s satisfaction prior to requesting permission to attend senior classes.

Membership in Seattle School of Aikido is required   Cost of this series is $120.00 for the 2 month session.

Students may repeat the course if they want further instruction in the methods we teach in Icho Ryu, or simply enjoy the exercise.

You may read more about the goals of the series by reading Chris Moses’ blog at the link below.

Introduction to Aiki

Seniors of Icho Ryu will help in teaching this class, as well as instruction from me, Neil.  Please direct all questions to Neil Yamamoto

Welcome to Frits Habermann, 4th Dan Aikikai, as Seattle School of Aikido’s new Chief Instructor of Adult Aikido!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce and welcome Frits to our community.  Habermann Sensei considers Christian Tissier, Jan Nevelius, and Frank Ostoff to be strong influences in his current Aikido practice, which emphasizes deep connection between Tori and Uke.

I’ve enjoyed training on rare occasions with Frits through the past few years, and am very pleased that he is able to be a big part of our community.  I’m excited to begin training with him regularly!

He will begin teaching adult aikido classes on Monday and Wednesday nights, 630pm-745pm, starting on Monday, May 7, which will also be the start of our next 2 month Beginner’s Series.  He will continue teaching classes on those nights even after that series is completed.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about starting or learning aikido, are looking for new inspiration in your training, have previosly attended but faded in your practice, or just want to meet a genuinely nice guy, then please come Monday May 7 at 630pm and get on the mat!

I hope to see you all there!

– John Peng

Board President

Seattle School of Aikido