Icho Ryu Introductory Series May 1st 2012

Icho Ryu will begin an introductory course to Icho Ryu on May 1st.  This 2 month course is intended to introduce students to the basic skills and physical conditioning needed for martial arts.  Classes will be every Tuesday for 2 months, class time is 6:15-7:30.  Students who are interested in Icho Ryu must attend this class and demonstrate they have developed an understanding of the skills taught to the instructor’s satisfaction prior to requesting permission to attend senior classes.

Membership in Seattle School of Aikido is required   Cost of this series is $120.00 for the 2 month session.

Students may repeat the course if they want further instruction in the methods we teach in Icho Ryu, or simply enjoy the exercise.

You may read more about the goals of the series by reading Chris Moses’ blog at the link below.

Introduction to Aiki

Seniors of Icho Ryu will help in teaching this class, as well as instruction from me, Neil.  Please direct all questions to Neil Yamamoto

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