Aikido Beginners Series starts October 1, 2012

We will be starting a new beginners series on October 1, 2012. Classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30PM to 7:45PM.

Cost of the series is $100, $75 for students with student ID card.

The series is a 2 month course to help the new student ease into aikido training in a comfortable setting with other new students and progress to further training.

Seattle School of Aikido is host to 3 schools of martial arts – Aikido, Shinto Ryu, and Icho Ryu. The Aikido program is under the guidance of Frits Haberman, 4dan, as our Chief Instructor of Aikido.

Questions? Please contact us at or through our Facebook page at

Icho Ryu 3 month Beginners Series October 2, 2012

Once again proof people are weird. Enough requests for a beginners series over the last few months and to support the aikido beginners series here at SSA, we once again offer an introductory class.

Beginners series class starts at 6:15 and runs to 7:30. For those interested in being weird, the beginners series is designed to give a taste of what is needed to learn martial arts. This is a 3 month course and consists of:

  • Conditioning exercises
  • Basic skills in ukemi, which I like to translate as “learning to fall down and getting back up”
  • Basic etiquette, also known as “how to keep from getting someone mad at you in a dojo”
  • Introduction to a basic techniques.
The goal of this class is to progress the student to senior classes or to simply provide a glimpse of what Icho Ryu considers to be basics needed for growth and success in budo training.

You can find out more by visiting the Icho Ryu page, email me or leave me a message on our Facebook page.