Dojo Temporary Closure for Covid19 Pandemic

In keeping with the goals of preventing and delaying the spread of the pandemic disease covid19 to the vulnerable members of our community, the Seattle School of Aikido will be closed through the end of March.

Our board and instructors will re-evaluate the situation by April 1st, and will let you know when it is safe to resume training.

I would encourage all students and members (of all ages) to practice solo exercises, bokken and jo, and ukemi while at home during this time.
For more general information about why social distancing is important to delay this pandemic to preserve our healthcare resources, i direct you to this link:…/flattening-a-pandemics-curve-why-stay…

Also recognize that social distancing does NOT mean social isolation:

Be safe out there,
– John Peng
Board President, Seattle School of Aikido