About Budo Tanren

Budo Tanren translates as “martial forging” – in reference to the forging of a sharp blade.  Not a martial art in its own right, Budo Tanren focuses on body transformation for martial development.  While this could be described as “internal practice,” we prefer the term “body skills” to emphasize that these skills are real, are demonstrable, and can be learned by anyone.  Class content varies but contains a mix of ukemi (falling skills), aerobic conditioning, and partner/solo exercises that develop powerful connections within the body.  In this context, elements of judo, aikido, and aikijujutsu serve as platforms to explore how Budo Tanren foundational skills may be incorporated into our various arts.  The specifics of this class are drawn from our exposure to some incredible instructors: Neil Yamamoto, Akuzawa Minouru, and Dan Harden, to name a few.

This class is open to all adult and teen (14+) members of the dojo at no additional cost.  Feel free to check us out if you’re looking for more mat time, or simply a different view into your own practice!  Budo Tanren is a non-competitive, supportive environment for martial development.

If you’re interested in learning more about Budo Tanren skills, we suggest reading “On connection.”  We also encourage you to examine Chris Li’s blog posted on the Aikido Sangenkai webpage.