Kids Aikido

What is the best way to introduce my child to Aikido?

We will not enroll students without parents and child observing one or more kids classes. This way you, as well as your child, will have an idea of what to expect in class. After that, if parents and kids agree, the kids can jump right in!  Come 15 minutes before the first class to introduce yourselves to the instructor and fill out an application.

We encourage parents to stay and observe a few classes as well as to help reassure children who may have anxiety when starting a new activity.

How old does my kid need to be to start Aikido?

Your child must be at least five years old, or attending Kindergarten. Participation is at the instructor’s discretion based upon your child’s behavior and maturity level.

What should my kid wear to their first class?

Comfortable clothing that covers elbows and knees. Sweats pants and a T-shirt are ideal.

Can I stay to watch the class?

Yes! In fact we require that you stay during the first class. After the first class, you may stay and watch, but we ask that parents refrain from attempting to instruct their children from the sidelines.

When can we get a uniform for my child?

You may buy a uniform (also referred to as a gi or keikogi) as soon as you want. At the least, we encourage you to get a uniform after your child has been training for a month and expresses interest in continuing. The uniform consists of a white cotton Karate or Judo gi, with a white belt. We offer discount prices on keikogi for students.  Let the instructor know if you are interested in purchasing one.

How often do kids test for a new belt?

The exact time varies, but a new student will usually have their first belt test three or four months after starting Aikido. The teachers will determine when your child is ready, and offer the choice of whether to test or to wait.

What if my kid doesn’t want to test?

The teachers will help your child prepare for advancement in a way that is comfortable, but testing will never be forced on a student or required for attending classes.

Do you have a family discount for siblings or parents in the dojo?

Yes we do! Please refer to our dues page.

Would you recommend Aikido for children with disabilities?

Aikido is appropriate for practitioners of all abilities; however, if you have concerns you should consult a pediatrician before enrolling your child in Aikido.  For the safety of your child, as well as that of other children, please disclose any relevant medical conditions to the instructor and assistants before class.



Can I make donations to the Seattle School of Aikido?

Yes, the Seattle School of Aikido is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax deductible.

Please contact your tax advisor for specifics.

Can I use my cell phone in the dojo?

Safety and common courtesy apply. Please turn off your cell phone ringer when you enter the dojo. Calls should be taken and made outside of the dojo during classes. Texting and silent browsing are generally allowed, subject to the instructor’s discretion. Anytime cell phone usage becomes a distraction and therefore a safety issue, you must step outside the dojo.