Adult Beginner

The adult beginners’ series is specifically designed for someone who would like to learn the basics of Aikido training in a more structured setting.  The eight week training course for adult beginners consists of two classes per week where new students start to learn the fundamentals of Aikido.  Classes focus on basic body movement and expose students to at least three basic techniques and solo exercises, with a considerable amount of time spent on etiquette, terminology, and basics in personal safety.

There is no competition in Aikido, no sparring, no hitting or breaking of objects, and no intent to do harm on the mat at any time.  Classes may be physically vigorous depending on your fitness level.  Instruction in class will include skills in falling safely (ukemi), dealing with grabs, basic throws, restraining and pinning techniques, as well as basic etiquette.

After this eight week course, all participants should be able to attend beginning general Aikido classes at most Aikido schools with at least a rudimentary understanding of what the expectations are when stepping into a dojo and onto the training mat.

However, beginners do not have to enroll in the beginners’ series.  Students can join at any time and simply “learn on the fly.”  Senior students help mentor beginning students regarding responsibilities to their training partners as well as to the dojo.  This senior-to-junior student relationship is very important particularly when students forego enrollment in the beginners’ series.

If you have any concerns about your health and physical condition, please consult your physician and speak with the instructor prior to enrolling.  By the end of the series, we hope that students will see how Aikido may help increase their self-confidence, physical fitness, and most importantly, find that training in Aikido can be fun!