No kids/teens classes Thursday March 21st

Hey everyone, I have come down with some sort of stomach bug and thus there will be no kids classes tonight. As well there will be no class Saturday the 23rd and no class on Tuesday the 26th. Regular schedule resumes next Thursday.

Sorry for any inconvenience

-Evan Bucy

Icho Ryu, Shinto Ryu & Budo Tanren 2019 Schedule Changes

Tuesday nights start with a new class, Icho ryu jujutsu at 6:15. This class is open to all members of the dojo and will focus on jujutsu waza (techniques). Appropriate for all levels, this class will work on ukemi (falls) and the basic techniques of Icho ryu with an emphasis on the kuzushi, tsukuri, kake model. At 7:30 we transition to Icho ryu aiki-budo. This class requires instructor permission to attend.

Thursday nights will also offer Icho ryu jujutsu at 6:15 followed by Budo Tanren at 7:30. Budo Tanren (martial forging) combines martial qi gong exercises and serves primarily as a Sangenkai study group. Both classes are open to all members and are suitable for any skill level. There will no longer be a Shinto ryu Iai-battojutsu class on Thursday nights.

Saturday morning is all Shinto ryu Iai-battojutsu, our sword class. Beginning at 8 AM and running to 10 provides more time to explore this rich and interesting art. Classes are open to all members of the dojo and are suitable for all skill levels.

6:15 class

“Evan, how do I tie my new belt?”

7:30 class

No kids or teen classes 11/10/2018 – 11/22/2018

  • Hello there everyone! Just a heads up that there will be no kids or teen classes from November 10th till November 22nd while I am in Massachusetts for instructor training. Regular classes will resume Saturday November 24th after the holiday.

Enjoy the short break,
-Evan Bucy

No kids classes 07/28/2018 – 08/09/2018

Hi everyone! There will be a two week break at the end of July and beginning of August. Regular classes will resume Saturday August 11th.

While I am away make sure to practice the basic ukemi for your tests. If you do not have a test sheet make sure to ask for one!

-Evan Bucy

No Kids Classes March 10th

There will no kids classes Saturday March 10th. Evan will be at a martial arts seminar hopefully learning some new skills to bring to his teaching. Have a good weekend!

SSA Board Meeting – March 5th, 8:00 pm

It’s official, the next SSA board meeting will be Monday night, March 5th, 8PM at the dojo. We will be discussing dojo direction for the next few years and open leadership positions on the board! Open to all members (and parents of members).