QiGong practice starts Monday Oct 16, 6pm-6:25pm

John Peng will be practicing QiGong Monday and Wednesdays nights, 6pm-6:25pm. Free to all dojo members. $5/class or $20/month for non-members (first class to try it is free). No experience necessary.

John is not a QiGong expert, but is student of QiGong, as learned from Jan Nevelius Shihan. John will be sharing his experiences and practice with the dojo and community at large.

There is no falling, no partner contact, and it is very gentle easy on the joints and body.

Please come and experience these QiGong breathing and mindfulness exercises in our dojo.

Hope to see you on the mat.

Pull silk – kuzushi on contact

How does a relaxed arm create kuzushi (breaking balance) on contact with uke? If your arm is relaxed, how do you move from center and affect uke? The answer is that it can’t, for most people. Muscular tension can do it, but it’s slow, lacks power, telegraphs intent, fatigues faster and there’s no clean connection with hara.

A better way? Pull silk. Read more about it in this post on our Budo Tanren Facebook page.

If you want to get some hands on and feel this unusual skill, drop by our Budo Tanren class on Thursday nights.