Icho Ryu Instructors

Chris MosesChris Moses began his study of Aikido under Donovan Pierce in Kurita Minouru’s Seikikai Aikido in 1994.  In 1998 he was promoted to shodan (1st degree blackbelt) in Seikikai Aikido and Shoden-Ni in Seiki-ryu Kenjutsu/Jodo (a combination of Iwama style Aiki-ken/jo and Nishio Sensei’s Aiki-toho).  He continued his study of Aikido under Kimberly Richardson at her newly formed Two Cranes Aikido.  Around this same time, Chris became a student of Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu at Seattle School of Aikido under Robby Pellett.  Chris studied and taught Aikido at Two Cranes Aikido for six years, and was promoted to nidan (2nd degree blackbelt) in 2002.

Chris was inspired by the classes and demonstrations of some non-Aikido teachers at the Las Vegas Aiki Expo in 2002 (namely Toby Threadgill and Don Angier) to look outside of the Aikido mainstream for a deeper understanding of aiki.  In 2003 this brought him to Icho Ryu Aikibudo beginning the process of relearning everything he thought he knew about aiki.  In 2006 on a trip to Japan he visited Akuzawa Minouru and his Aunkai Bujutsu dojo and was introduced to the Aunkai.  He has been instrumental in the organization of seminars and workshops in Seattle with both Akuzawa Minoru and his senior student Rob John.  In 2006, he was promoted to yondan (4th degree blackbelt) in Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu by Mochizuki Takashi Shihan, head of the Seibu line of Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu.

In 2018, Neil Yamamoto granted Chris Icho Ryu Senior Instructor status.

Chris has taught Aikido at Seattle School of Aikido since 2008 and continues his own training in Icho Ryu Aikibudo, Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu and Dan Harden’s Sangenkai.

Jeremy Hulley

Jeremy Hulley started training in Aikido in 1996 under Donovan Pierce with Aikido Seikikai.  He trained at Two Cranes Aikido from 1999 to 2005 and received his nidan from Kimberly Richardson in 2005.  He has trained with Neil Yamamoto of Icho Ryu Aikibudo since 2002.  He lists his primary training influences as Mochizuki Takashi and Robby Pellett of Shinto Ryu, Neil Yamamoto of Icho Ryu and Dan Harden of Sangenkai.

Jeremy has been student of Shinto Ryu Iai-Battojutsu under Robby Pellett since 1999.  He was awarded the rank of yondan in August of 2006 by Mochizuki Takashi Shihan.

In 2018, Neil Yamamoto granted Jeremy Icho Ryu Senior Instructor status.

Evan BucyEvan Bucy began studying Aikido in 1995 at Two Cranes Aikido, where he obtained the rank of shodan in 2008.  Evan joined the Seattle School of Aikido in 2013 to study Icho Ryu from Neil Yamamoto.  He began teaching our kids/teens classes at that time under the direction of Helmut Floss, and in 2016 Evan took over as chief instructor of the Kids/Teens program.  Evan has also casually studied other martial arts including Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kali, Aikibojitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Silat.

In 2018, Neil Yamamoto granted Evan Icho Ryu Junior Instructor status.