More about Evan

What started out as an afternoon activity quickly turned into an obsession. I received the rank Shodan at age 17. As I grew older, I found I had to branch out and look at multiple martial arts to find the similarities and what worked for me. I left Two Cranes and tried a Krav Maga class that showed me there was a lot more to learn. I bounced around and casually studied a number of Filipino martial arts as well as judo, jujitsu, and Chinese movement studies until, in 2013, I found a home at Seattle School of Aikido studying Icho Ryu under Neil Yamamoto. I began teaching the kids/teens classes at that time.

Neil Yamamoto, Jeremy Hulley, and Chris Moses changed everything I thought I knew about training, challenging me in new ways every class.

Most recently I’ve been studying Dan Harden’s internal power and body work, which has had a huge impact on how I think about movement.

In my future I plan to train and hone the common tools of all the arts I’ve practiced.