More about Mike

My teaching abilities stem from being a very slow physical learner. Typically, I can watch and recognize whatever’s not working because I couldn’t do it either for maybe three, four years.

Morning classes at the Seattle School of Aikido are exceptional in that we have a group of people who are highly skilled and experienced, without egos to match. Classes are co-taught by those present. This, incidentally, creates an environment ideal for beginners: The goal is for everyone to succeed, but even when frustrated, to still have fun.

I came to Aikido nearly four decades ago because my Karate instructor said it would make me less jerky. I started in Austin, Texas, in the 1970s. I avoided rank for a long time. I studied in the 1980s and 1990s after I moved to Seattle, and in 2000, I received my Shodan (first-degree black belt), and in 2014 I received Yondan (fourth degree black belt).